Get Involved


Things You Can Do Today

  1. Raise Awareness-

    We need YOU to join the discussion on women’s homelessness and help us spread the word, follow us on twitter at @howstheweather_  with #howstheweather,  join our Facebook group ‘How’s the Weather?’ to keep up to date with events and progress in the campaign. Let’s help make sure that no woman feels she has nowhere to turn for shelter this winter.


    The answer to the question “How’s the weather?” could be the trigger which can lead to the return to a violent partner, the exacerbation of an underlying illness and many other consequences for homeless women.


  3. Lobby your Councillor-

    Ask your elected representative what they’re doing about the weather and preventing homelessness in our communities, and tell them to do more! The province needs to address the issue of sustainable affordable housing in order to help alleviate the problems that homeless women face.



    Sample Letter:
    Dear _____

    I am writing to ask you how’s the weather? It has been brought to my attention that there is a crisis happening for homeless women in Hamilton as winter approaches. These women are grossly under provided for and as a result the shelters and transitional housing in Hamilton is persistently oversubscribed.

    There are however solutions to this in the form of safe, sustainable, affordable housing. Can you please help support these women and the community by lobbying this to be put on the agenda of the province both for funding and policy.

    I look forward to seeing these changes,

    Yours Sincerely,



  5. Donate- 

    The agency member’s of WHPC are always in need of your help, if you are willing and able to make a donation please to not hesitate to do so via your chosen agency’s website.


Want to Volunteer?

Many agencies rely on volunteers, people who are willing to donate their time to a good cause. If you think that you are interested in giving back something to the community contact the agency you would like to help via the links on the About Us page, which will lead you to more information.

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